SISMA Configurator

With this tool, you can generate a SISMA bill of material to create a simple yet precise panelled anti-collapse protection for your warehouse racking.
If in doubt, you can consult the HELP which contains information for the user and technical details of the product.

LIMITS: The tool has been configured to create paneling up to a maximum width of 200 linear meters.

  • remember that the proposed price is gross, it will be discounted according to the commercial conditions dedicated to you.
  • if you are our customer, you can request access to the myaccess portal ( and use the EXCEL file to complete your order in total autonomy!
  • if you wish to contact us for an order, remember to print this page with the drawing of the proposed configuration: you will need it as an assembly diagram!

  • In case of technical issues, contact          
Type of stand-off bracket
Front Fixing Lateral Fixing